How to Create an Applicant Profile

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1. Set up a guardian account


Select ‘Create Applicant Profile.’ 

Add your email address and create a password.

The email address chosen must not be associated with another guardian account.

The password must be a minimum of 8 characters and include a capital letter, number and symbol.


2. Create an Applicant Profile

Once you have created a Guardian account, select ‘Create Applicant Profile’.

You will see 4 sections in the applicant profile. All 4 sections must be completed to finalise the profile.

Please note the following when adding the applicant’s information in the first tab.

  • The year in the date of birth must have 4 numbers, e.g. 2007

  • Use the applicant’s name as written on the applicant's birth certificate. Do not use a shortened name or nickname.

  • Write the full name of the ‘Current School’ and include its postcode.

3.  Invigilation Centre

Type the name of your chosen invigilation centre until it appears in the dropdown list. Then select the centre.

If you are unable to find the centre, click ‘I can’t find my centre’ for further information.

If you have not confirmed your invigilation centre, select ‘Answer Later’ and return to this section after you have made arrangements.

4. SEND Status

All guardians must select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ before continuing to section 4.

If you select ‘Yes’, further options will appear.

Please upload supporting documentation to evidence the applicant’s SEND status. 

Tick the boxes if you wish to request additional time or environmental provisions.

5. EAL status

All guardians must select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for EAL status. This is to confirm if the applicant qualifies for EAL (English as an Additional Language).

If you are unsure, you can choose ‘Answer Later’. We recommend speaking to your child’s school or the senior school to which you are applying for further information.

Then click Next to see a summary.

6. Summary

Review your application carefully.

You may go back to any section to make changes from the summary screen.

When you are ready, click ‘Confirm’ to generate your Applicant ID.

7. Sharing the Applicant ID

It is the guardian’s responsibility to share the Applicant ID with each senior school to which the child is applying. 

We recommend copying the Applicant ID with the button to ensure accuracy. 

Ask each senior school how they would like to receive the Applicant ID.

8. Test results

You can see when each test has been completed in the ‘Tests’ section of the Guardian Portal.

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