What do I need to ask parents and guardians to do?

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Registration on the Guardian Portal is open for 2023-2024. Parents should watch the following video for support on how to register and create an Applicant Profile if their child is taking the tests before 30th June 2024. Guardian Portal - Getting Started video

For parents of pupils taking the tests from October 2024, registration will open in August.

There are a few things parents and guardians can do to get ready. You can share the information below with them so they can prepare to register for the Common Pre-Tests.

ISEB recommends you join our mailing list through the Information Page for Parents and Guardians to keep up-to-date on the latest registration information as it happens.  This also contains useful advice on what can be done in advance.

Further information about the registration process for parents and guardians

Invigilation centres*

Before selecting any invigilation centre, you must have approval from the centre to confirm your child can sit the test there. ISEB advises that the applicant sits the tests at their current school or the school to which they are applying, where possible.

Most invigilation centres listed, that are
schools, do not allow external pupils to take the tests at their centre unless it is a senior school that you are applying to. If you do not have an invigilation centre for your child, ISEB recommends contacting VICTVS, who will be able to arrange invigilation centres in the UK and all over the world. Contact: enquiries@victvs.co.uk for more information.

SEND Status**

To request 25% extra time or other adjustments, you must first upload the evidence required by each senior school. ISEB recommends contacting the senior schools to which your child is applying to find out what evidence they require. Most senior schools will require a professional assessor’s report (eg an Educational Psychologist) and a letter from your current school’s SENCO that outlines your child’s normal ways of working. However, you should check this with the senior school now so that you can be prepared for when registration opens in August 2023. 

Senior schools that you have applied to will be able to see all uploaded SEND documents and will use these to make their decision on your request for extra time and other adjustments.

Sending your Applicant ID to senior schools

From August, once you have created the Applicant Profile, you will be able to view the Applicant ID. This will need to be sent to the senior schools you are applying to. Each senior school will let you know how to share the Applicant ID with them. You must share the Applicant ID with each senior school so that your child can take the tests and for their results to be shared with that school.

What should parents do now:

  1. Sign up for the mailing list on our Information Page for Parents and Guardians.

  2. Check which invigilation centre you are using.

  3. Prepare any SEND or EAL documents or information.

  4. Familiarise your children with the tests using the ISEB Test Walkthrough.

  5. Visit the ISEB Families page to learn more.

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