How to register your child on the guardian portal - a step-by-step guide

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How to create an account 

Follow the steps below to create an account as a parent, guardian or agent and set up an applicant profile. 

Creating your account


Password: Please ensure your password has 8 characters and includes a capital, number and symbol. 

Email: The email address associated with this guardian account must not be associated with another guardian account.

Next select either parent, guardian or agent to enter the Portal.

You have created your account.

  1. Applicant Profile

On the Guardian Portal welcome screen, click ‘Create Applicant Profile’ to set up your child’s profile. You only need do this once, no matter how many senior schools you are applying to.

Complete section 1: Personal information

Applicant’s name: The applicant’s name must be their legally recorded name as stated on their birth certificate. Please do not enter nicknames, shortened names, or other names the child is known by.

DOB: Please use dd/mm/yyyy format. For example, 12th January 2011 should be entered as 12/01/2011.

Current school: Use the full name and address of your child’s current school, as it appears on their website.

When you have completed every box, click Next to continue.

2.  Invigilation Centre

What is an invigilation centre?

You should always check with the invigilation centre before selecting, especially if you are not selecting your current school.

Start typing the name, address or postcode of your invigilation centre. It should appear in the dropdown list. 

Make sure you check the address is correct, some invigilation centres have similar names.

Click on the invigilation centre to highlight it before clicking ‘Next’.

If you do not know your invigilation centre details, select ‘Answer Later’.

If you are unable to find the invigilation centre on the dropdown list, click ‘I Can’t Find My Centre’. You will be take to a form to complete to request your chosen centre be added.

3.  SEND Status

Every guardian must select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ before continuing to the next section.

If you answer ‘Yes,’ you will be prompted to upload support documentation and evidence. You will also have the option to request 25% extra time or other adjustments, as appropriate.

What is the difference between requesting 25% Extra Time and Other Adjustments?

What SEND documents do I need?

If you do not have this information, select ‘Answer Later’.

Note: if you select ‘Answer Later’, your application cannot progress until you answer this section.

4. EAL status

Every guardian must select ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ in section 4 before continuing to the application summary.

If you select ‘Yes’, please add details in the information box.

What is English as an Additional Language?

What information should I put in the EAL status?

When you select ‘Next’, you will see a summary of the details. 

5. Summary

Please review the summary carefully. You may return to any section to make changes if you find an error. 

If you are confident that the details are correct, tick the statement and select ‘Confirm’.

6. Applicant ID

Now that the profile is complete, the Applicant ID will be generated. This will be visible on your Applicant Profile home page.

7. Share the Applicant ID

You must share your Applicant ID with each senior school to which you are applying. Contact the senior school to find out how they want you to share your Applicant ID. We recommend using the button to accurately copy your Applicant ID and paste it into the school’s form or email.

What should I do with my Applicant ID?

When a senior school confirms an applicant, that school will appear in the ‘Schools applying for’ section of the Applicant Profile.

Please note: you should only send your Applicant ID to senior schools to which you have already applied for a place.

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