How do applicants log in to the test?

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To log in to the test, applicants should enter  into their Chrome browser and input their Test Code. 

From there, applicants must select the appropriate test, read the instructions and then select 'Start Test'.

Please note: applicants must enter their date of birth twice before beginning the test.

You can find the Test Codes in the Invigilator Info section of your Portal.

The assessment platform will only support a Chrome browser, the minimum version required is 100 or Microsoft Edge Chromium. However we recommend you have the latest version for reliability. Please check all computers meet this requirement before the assessment.  

You can use the Diagnostic Tool: to check your browser version and ensure there are no firewalls in place.

You will see this screen:

Using the Test Codes

Each applicant has a unique Test Code which can be found in the Assessments Tab of the Invigilation Centre Portal.

The Test Codes are in this format:

Applicants need only type the letters, the hyphens are pre-filled.

The letters are case-sensitive and should be in CAPITALS.

Once they have entered the Test Code, applicants will be asked to enter their date of birth.


They will then be taken to the main test menu.

  • Their name will appear at the top to ensure that the test (and the results) are assigned to them.

Invigilators should ask the applicants to check that the name is any of their used (or given) names.

  • Applicants should wait for further instructions from the invigilator before selecting any tests.
  • The invigilator can read aloud the information on the main menu.
  • The invigilator should check if anyone has any questions.

Selecting the Test

The invigilator should tell the applicants which test they need to select.

Once all the applicants have selected the correct test, they will see the instructions for setting up the page.

  • The invigilator can read aloud the instructions.
  • The invigilator should check if anyone has any questions.
  • Applicants will be able to set up their screen once the test has started, they should not spend too much time doing this.

Starting the Test

Select ‘Start Test’ to begin.  The timer will now start to count down.

The invigilator should then ensure that test conditions are followed (see Invigilation Centre Guide).

Pupils should not move away from the current test browser page, the timer will continue to count down.

At 5 minutes from the end of the test, applicants can be given a 5-minute warning.

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